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Rowena Millar

Our dynamic, living planet sustains us and gives our lives meaning.

Natural Word was born of my lifelong love of nature and words. Since founding Natural Word over two decades ago, building on my early career in scientific/nature publishing and wildlife charities, I have enjoyed working closely with inspiring authors, publishers and wildlife organisations. My vocation is to help convey the wonders of the wildlife around us. Nobody should miss out on the joys provided by the natural world, nor make the mistake of destroying it just as we begin to realise its true value and significance.


Read my own ‘natural words’ in three different blogs. From my office and home in Cornwall’s enchanting Tamar Valley, I report on what’s happening around me, in the rest of Cornwall and beyond. The blogs may be newsy, lyrical, quirky, or a simple blend of facts with pure wonder at the natural world. My words are illustrated with photographs, drawings and even cartoons.

Editorial work and writing

With many years’ experience in scientific and wildlife publishing, working for local, national and international organisations and authors, I can edit, proofread, and write or help you write nature publications, from press releases to books.